Rule 2.1

The Association is committed to facilitating collaboration on the development, promotion and sharing of open source software for the exchange of global meteorological information in accordance with Article 2 of the Articles of Association.

Rule 2.2

In order to achieve its purpose, the Association will base its activities on a strategic programme and a work plan, both of which will be updated and approved by the Steering Committee at least once a year.

Rule 2.3

In line with Article 2.3 of the Articles of Association, the Association shall engage with relevant third parties, including public authorities and public bodies such as the relevant institutions of the European Union and the World Metrological Organization. The Association shall be represented in such discussions by the Managing Directors, or such other persons as may have been granted a mandate by the Board.

Rule 2.4

In line with Article 2.3 of the Articles of Association, the Association shall also act to encourage enhanced coordination and cooperation between its Members and Partners in areas of collective interest.

Rule 2.5

The Association is fully empowered to participate in calls for proposals in respect of externally funded projects, where such participation would further the objectives of the Association and fall in line with its purpose. The decision to participate in such calls should be approved by the Steering Committee, having due regard to available resources; the existing strategic programme and work plan of the Association; and the interests of the Association’s Members and Partners. Any surplus retained by the Association from externally funded projects shall, where the funding terms allow, be reinvested into the realisation of the Association’s wider objectives.

Rule 2.6

In furtherance of its objectives and in line with its purpose, the Association may sign contracts and other legal agreements with third parties. The Managing Directors shall be the authorised signatories for such contracts and agreements. The signing of any contract or agreement that would commit the Association to spending more than €10,000 must be approved by the Board.

Rule 2.7

The Association is fully empowered to take an interest in other legal entities and participate in consortia with third parties where doing so would further its objectives and fall in line with its purpose. Such participation shall be subject to unanimous approval by the Board.

Rule 2.8

In line with Article 2.5 of the Articles of Association, the Association is fully empowered to carry out secondary commercial and profitable activities (within the boundaries of what is acceptable under Belgian law). The profits from such activities shall always be reinvested into the realisation of the Association’s non-profit objectives.

Rule 2.9

Nothing in Rule 2.8 shall prevent any Member or Partner from pursuing commercial activities of its own, outside of the Association (whether alone or through any other legal entity or consortium), including any commercial activity which makes use of software or other products produced by the Association, provided that such Members and Partners comply with the licence conditions attached to such software and products.

Rule 2.10

The Association may host multiple concurrent open source software development projects (“Projects”) and foster community around each of those projects.

Projects shall be governed according to the procedures defined in the OpenWIS® Project Governance rules supplement.

Rule 2.11

The term “OpenWIS® software” shall be taken to mean the software deliverables produced by the Projects of the Association.

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