Rule 1.1

The Association’s name is “OpenWIS Association”. The name should always be preceded or followed by the words “Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif” or the abbreviation “AISBL”.

Rule 1.2

The Registered Office of the Association should appear on all official documents produced by the Association.

Rule 1.3

The Association may adopt logos and other trademarks (including logos and trademarks for products and services developed by the Association). The Managing Directors are empowered to authorise payment of the costs of registering and defending trademarks out of funds of the Association.

Rule 1.4

Trademarks registered by the Association should always be followed by the Registered Trademark symbol: ®.

Rule 1.5

Unregistered trademarks adopted by the Association should always be followed by the Unregistered Trademark Symbol: ™

Rule 1.6

The official logos and trademarks of the Association, as of 6 February 2015, are shown below:

OpenWIS® Logo OpenWIS®

Rule 1.7

The above logo should appear on all official documents, promotional material and presentation material produced by the Association.

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