The excel2wis xml tool is a script used to generate large set of XML metadata WMO Core 1.3 files from an excel file. The software is under the free open source GNU license: GPL v3


System and Program Requirements

The script has been tested in Linux and Windows 7 with:

  • Python 2.6.6
  • Excel 2003

Required Libraries

Excel2wis requires 4 python libraries:


Command Line Example

From a Linux station, save the python script, the template and the excel document in a dedicated directory. Give the execution permission to the script and execute it by passing in argument the excel file.

./excel2xml.py Metadata-guide-record.xls

The generation xml files will be stored in the same directory, with filename format: MD_uniqueid_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xml

Code Repository

The github repository for excel2wis is at:https://github.com/OpenWIS/excel2wis


Official documentation for excel2wis can be found in the exce2wis repository.


How to Get Involved

To get involved with the project, or if you have any questions, please send an email to Meteo France team.


Project Email: gisc_support@meteo.fr