Article 2.1

The Organization, which does not seek financial gain, aims to work in the collective interest of its Members and Partners (as defined respectively in ARTICLE 4 and ARTICLE 9) to:

  1. Facilitate collaboration on the development, promotion and sharing of open source software for the management and exchange of meteorological information;
  2. Foster cooperation and coordination within the meteorological community on the management and exchange of meteorological information.

Article 2.2

More specifically the purpose of the Organization is:

  1. Coordinating and supporting development of solutions enabling the management and exchange of meteorological information;
  2. Coordinating, managing and undertaking development of software for the management and exchange of meteorological information by the Organization’s Members, Partners, and any other interested persons;
  3. Licensing and promoting of software for the exchange of global meteorological information;
  4. Collection of membership, subscription and other fees from Members and Partners for application towards the objectives set out above.

Article 2.3

To achieve that purpose, the Organization shall also represent its Members, collectively, vis-à-vis the appropriate third parties, including public authorities or public bodies such as the relevant institutions of the European Union (including, but not limited to, the European Commission) and the World Meteorological Organization. Within its mission, the Organization shall, inter alia, act as an interface between its Members, Partners and other third parties to enable in areas of collective interest of the Members and Partners (i) enhancement of coordination and co-operation among the Members and Partners; (ii) management of open source software development; (iii) participation in calls for proposals in respect of externally funded projects; and (iv) the signing of agreements or contracts with relevant third parties.

Article 2.4

The Organization can also take any interest in a legal entity if this would further the achievement of the abovementioned non-profit objectives.

Article 2.5

The Organization may carry out all activities, both in Belgium and abroad, which directly or indirectly further or promote the achievement of the abovementioned non-profit objectives, including secondary commercial and profitable activities within the boundaries of what is legally accepted and of which the profits shall always be fully reserved for the realization of the non-profit objectives.

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