January 2019

This document describes the different steps of a project creation.

Set up and submit a project proposal

Formulating your proposals on a project charter document using the following template. Please note that the project charter is a minimal require document, feel free to add any others useful documents in your proposal. Submit your proposal to the following email:contact@openwis.io, please add in the email subject the term : “Project proposal : name_of_your_project”

Review of the project charter

The openwis steering committee will review your proposal in a delay of one month. The SC will determine if there is sufficient support from Members and Partners for the project and wheter the project is compatible with the purpose of the OpenWIS Association (provide link to purpose of Openwis Association)

After the review, you will receive an email which inform if the project has been approved or rejected or asking you to provide additional details.

Constituting the project team

The Openwis technical committee appoint mentor to PMC and allocate technical resources (if required) to the project. The project Management Committee establish the project teams and contributors sign the “CLA” (provide link to the CLA).

Minimum requirements

A least the following elements will be create for the project :

  • a GitHub repository to host project information, including documentation
  • a license indicating how users can reuse code / software /documentation …
  • a README / project charter file

The project initiation work chart is described here.