Project Charter for please insert name of project here


Please provide a short description of the aim and relevant problem(s) that will be solved by completing this project.


Firstly, please describe or list what this project will include/do Secondly, please describe or list the relevant things this project will not include/do


Please list the specific things that this project deliver that is part of the included scope and the date by when each deliverable will complete. Please Indicate which deliverables that ‘must’ be delivered in order for the aim to be achieved and which deliverables are optional (if any).

Please state the name of the sponsor, the organisation represented by the sponsor and the source of funding for this project.

Milestones & Schedule

Please list the milestones that will be needed to achieve each of the deliverables that are included within the scope of this project.

Project Milestone Begin Date End Date
Project start    
insert milestone 1    
insert milestone 2    
insert milestone n    
Project closure    

Roles and Responsibilities

Please list the people to involve or equipment (such as hardware and/or software) in this project; what their role in the project is; and what they will deliver (relate this to a milestone where relevant)

Resource Name Organisation Role What this resource will be do in relation to a listed milestone Time period resource needed for  
  Resource 1        
  Resource 2        
  Resource n        

Communication and Reporting

Please state the communication and reporting arrangements for interactions with:
• The Project Team
• Project Management MCommittee(s) Please list if more than one.
• Technical Committee (TC) and Steering Committee (SC)
• Delivery of the final report/briefing on the project outcome or study findings and recommendations
• Another relevant communication or interactions

Configuration Management

Please state how any of artefacts needed for each of the deliverables will be managed, referring to the relevant rules and rules supplements of the OpenWIS Association.