4 and 5 June 2020, BlueJeans video-conference.

1. Welcome and introductions

  • RGr welcomed the attendees

2. Approval of agenda

  • No changes to the agenda were needed

3. Declaration of delegates

The current Board members are:

  • Rémy Giraud (RGr), Météo France [MF] - Managing Director: Chairperson
  • Weiqing Qu (WQ), Bureau of Meteorology [BoM] - Managing Director: Vice-Chairperson
  • Jeremy Tandy (JT), Met Office [UKMO]
  • Patrick Benichou (PB), Météo France International [MFI]
  • Mr. YUN Hyuk Jin (HY), Korea Meteorological Administration [KMA]

All attendees were content with the following:

  • KMA - Sungsoo Do (SD) representing with authority from KMA Director Mr. YUN Hyuk Jin.
  • MFI - Loïc Le Gallou (LG) representing with authority from MFI President - Patrick Benichou
  • MFI - Loïc Le Gallou (LG) representing Nathalie Dureisseix (ND) with authority from - Patrick Benichou

Other attendees:

  • Jude Anthonisz (JA) of the Met Office (OpenWIS Secretariat) (UKMO)

4. Approval of previous minutes

  • All - approved

5. Outstanding actions

  • RGr - I propose that the risk on Compliance failure is closed as the reference document (list) is available in French.
  • All agreed.
  • RGr - Please also note that the OpenWIS trademark has been transferred to the Association and extended for 10 years.
  • All - noted.

6. OpenWIS Association Membership

6.1 Status update - designation of current Partners

  • No change

6.2 Approve new Partners recommended by the SC

  • No recommendatons from the SC

6.3 Fees, subscriptions and contributions to become strategic or associate partner

  • RGr - I propose that no changes are needed as funds in the ban account, as discussed at the SC, is healthy.
  • All - agreed.

RESOLUTION The Board agreed that membership fees will remain unchanged.

7. Election of Managing Directors

  • RGr - the VC and Treasurer as Managing Director roles are in mid-term as they elected last year. However, Chair position must be renewed.
  • WQ - happy to continue as VC and ND to continue as Treasurer. I am proposing RGr to continue as Chair
  • RGr - I am also happy to continue if decided by the Board
  • All - Agreed
  • RGr - I will continue for a new 2-year mandate as Chair of the association

8. Reports and recommendations from the SC

8.1 Review governance and compliance status escalated by the SC

  • RGr – Re changes in by-laws, currently no change for review. However, there is an SC and Board in September 2020 - 3 hours for each session.

ACTION JA to send invitations to SC and Board members

ACTION All SC and Board members to read and feedback on proposed changes to the by-laws

8.2 Approve initiation of Projects and amendments to Project Charters recommended by SC

  • RGr - Regarding the agreement to adopt the OpenCDMS is any further discussion needed?
  • All - no
  • All - unanimous vote to adopt OpenCDMS within the OpenWIS Association.

RESOLUTION The Board agreed to adopt the OpenCDMS project.

  • RGr - OpenWIS software no further changes to the Project Charter for approval this meeting
  • JA - We need to note that Charters for the Keycloak and Geonetwork investigations are to be created by the TC Chair and TC Vice Chairs and discussed by September 2020.
  • All - agreed

9. Review and agree mitigation of OpenWIS Association risks, including those escalated by the SC

  • RGr - We should note the new risk we agreed at the SC regarding the adoption of OpenCDMS (#591)

  • All - agreed
  • RGr - Risk 3 – under resourced (#335). Need to re-phrase as confusion between OpenWIS software and the OpenWIS Association. We are keeping the risk re software under control and migration to WIS2 under review.
  • LL -What is the current risk? To enable re-phrasing
  • RGr - My view is its about skills or costs to make sure that the OpenWIS software fulfils the purpose for operational use. We previously decided that costs and resources should be limited. So, the risk is that if WIS2 is delayed then we must spend significant amounts of money.
  • WQ - Agreed. In the TC we agreed the mitigations
  • RGr - So we close risk 3, add a new one based on my suggestion with the mitigation as the TC actions.
  • WQ - Agreed. We have known issues that is being progressed actively by the TC.
  • RGr - OK. In summary, we have 2 new risks to replace risk 3. 1 – OpenWIS software becomes non-compliant against WMO requirements because of lack of investment (people or money). Mitigations – CICD, middleware and investigating candidate technologies, i.e. Keycloak and Geonetwork (#592). 2 - A delay in WIS2 implementation results in significant spend in maintaining OpenWIS software to continue WMO compliance (#593).
  • All - agreed.
  • RGr – The mitigation for the second new risk (#593) are: Firstly, RGr and JT are the Chair and Vice Chairs of the new WMO Standing Committee, thereby ensuring progress on WIS2 is made. Secondly, OpenWIS partners will have representation in relevant WMO teams, and thirdly, the OpenWIS Association will facilitate WIS2 development on behalf of WMO.
  • RGr - risk 2 is Green (#334) . In recent months 2 actions have been taken (i.e. completion of list of annual obligations agreed with VC and study done by Belgian lawyers. Also see item 5, above)
  • All - agreed
  • RGr - risk 7 (#493) is still relevant. We are safe on this present, for example the pub-sub project and OpenCDMS approaching the Association.
  • All - agreed.
  • RGr - I also propose this new risk - current partners not being able to participate in OpenWIS processes. Mitigation - current Chair and Vice Chair to ensure that all members are aware of OWA processes. AMBER (#594)
  • RGr- risk 10 (#496) - I propose this is closed as JT and I are on the WMO Standing Committee to enable aligning the Association’s aims with the vision of WMO.
  • JT - Yes, we will be able to influence and have a mechanism to enable alignment and the appointment on the WMO Standing Committee is for 4 years
  • All - agreed.
  • RGr - Major projects fail to deliver risk 9(#495) – close and it’s the same as the resource risk?
  • JA - close in September per SC?
  • JT - Suggest close now.
  • RGr - My thought is that it is covered in 3 other risks are green. So close.
  • JA - This is a general risk.
  • JT - So, not adding value. Therefore close.
  • LL - new risks agreed. So, agree.
  • WQ - agree
  • SSDo – agree.
  • ALL - Therefore close.
  • JT - Risk 8 (#494) has mitigation action in progress.
  • RGr - keep risk at is and review at next SC.
  • All - agreed
  • JT - Risk 5 (#491) mitigation action in place via review of goals and metrics agreed at the SC. Therefore, review at next SC in September 2020
  • RGr - OK
  • All - agreed.

ACTION - JA to add revised risks and mitigations to risk log

10. Approve of changes to Internal Rules

  • JA - no proposals for internal rules at this stage.
  • RGr- Let’s discuss by-laws in September 2020. When we have new by-laws at that stage.
  • RGr - no change now
  • All – agreed

ACTION – All to feedback proposal to change Association by-laws in time for agreement in September 2020

11. Annual accounts from 2019 (Treasurer)

  • RGr - handed to LL
  • LL - Income and expenditure. Key points: • 200k fed from IMD led to a surplus of £161k compared with 8k deficit in 2018. • Association funds at end of 2019 is £535k Euros • Members contributions was £184k. A high contribution was from NWS as a result of hosting the annual meeting.
  • LL - Budget for 2019 key point is that of 114K, 55k was spent as only the work on CICD was carried out. Middleware work did not commence.
  • RGr - Thanked ND and called for approving accounts.
  • ALL - Agreed.

RESOLUTION The Board approved the annual accounts for 2019.

12. Review the budget set by the SC Chair.

  • LL – The budget for 2020 is as discussed in the SC: - Income: 10k from ECMWF - Expenses:
  • Service costs for domain name - 150 Euros
  • Secretariat and Treasurer fees - 14250 Euros
  • Dropbox - 435 Euros
  • Accounts - 1500 Euros
  • Procurement legal advice - 4235 Euros - Project costs - 10k Euros and check in September 2020 - Project contingency - 5k Euros - Bank fees and contingency - 2360 Euros - Total 2020 budget - 37930 Euros
  • RGr - The trademark transfer costs are in 2019 but the renewal cost is not in the 2020 budget. So, it would need to be added, 1540 euros.
  • RGr - Total is now 39470 Euros
  • WQ - 10k Euro provision. Can this be used for the procurement?
  • LL - We agreed that we review in September 2020 as the procurement may not be fully completed in 2020.

13. Approve the 2020: annual budget, budget amendments and extraordinary expenditure; and reserve fund (see Rule R10.7), set membership fees

  • All - agreed approval of the budget of 39470 euros.
  • All - agreed 2020 budget.

RESOLUTION The Board agreed a budget of 39470 Euros for review in September 2020

  • Please see 6.3 for the resolution on membership fees.

14. Any other business

  • WQ - BoM could do the procurement on behalf of the Association.
  • RGr - WQ officially report back on procurement position by September 2020.

ACTION - WQ to report back arrangements for BoM to undertake procurement on behalf of the Association in September 2020

  • JT - Check with Michael Robbins in UKMO Legal whether the approach from BoM is OK regarding procurement on behalf the Association

ACTION – JT to check the legal position regarding BoM undertaking procurement on behalf of the Association

15. Confirm the host of next meeting

  • RGr - next meeting virtual meeting on 1 October 2020. Regarding the next annual meeting I believe that BoM is happy to host.
  • WQ - Confirmed that BoM will host.
  • RGr - Therefore assume BoM

16. Close

  • 1243 UTC