23 May 2018, Washington USA.
  1. Welcome and introductions
    • RGr welcomed the attendees
  2. Approval of agenda
    • The agenda was approved by all present.
  3. Declaration of delegates
    • The current Board members are:
    • Rémy Giraud (RGr), Météo France [MF] - Managing Director: Chairperson
    • Jeremy Tandy (JT), Met Office [UKMO] - Managing Director: Vice-Chairperson
    • Patrick Benichou (PB), Météo France International [MFI]
    • Weiqing Qu (WQ), Bureau of Meteorology [BoM]
    • Mr. YUN Hyuk Jin (HY), Korea Meteorological Administration [KMA]

    All attendees were content with the following:

    • KMA - Sungsoo Do (SD) representing with authority from KMA Director Mr. YUN Hyuk Jin.
    • MFI - Loïc Le Gallou (LG) representing with authority from MFI President - Patrick Benichou
    • BoM - Jeremy Tandy representing Weiqing Qu of BoM with authority from Weiqing Qu.

    Other attendees:

    • Kwangjae Lee (KL), Korea Meteorological Administration [KMA]
    • Stephan Siemen (SS), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts [ECMWF]
    • Kari Sheets (KS) of the National Weather Service [NWS]
    • Steve Olson (SO) of National Weather Service [NWS]
    • Jude Anthonisz (JA), OpenWIS Association Secretariat
  4. Approval of previous minutes There were no comments or issues relating to the previous meeting. Therefore, the minutes of last meeting were approved.

  5. Outstanding actions The following items were outstanding: https://github.com/OpenWIS/openwis-documentation/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%22Board+Meeting%22 These actions were reviewed, updated and closed as appropriate.

    JT - Is the trademark fees in the budget for 2019? LG - will is be invoiced in 2019? RGr - Possibly, 3326.36 Euros

    RESOLUTION The Board decided to include the cost of trademark fees in the budget for 2019

    Action - 2019 budget items Action - RGr to check whether the trademark covers only Europe

  6. OpenWIS Association Membership 6.1 Status update - designation of current Partners - No change 6.2 Approve new Partners recommended by the SC - No change 6.3 Fees, subscriptions and contributions to become strategic or associate partner
    • RGr - at present, the fees for a Strategic Partner or Member is a one-off payment of 200k Euros and for an Associate Partner its 10k Euros per annum. No reason to change the fees as no new members.
    • JT - Please note at some point there will be a need to discuss a new category of partner.
    • All - Unanimously (5) agreed to keep fees unchanged and review following the Steering Committee meeting in October 2019.

    RESOLUTION The Board decided to keep the membership fees for the current categories of members unchanged.

    Action - 2019 budget items

  7. Election of Managing Directors
    • RGr - I am happy to continue for one more year as Chair. Regarding the Treasurer role, we have a proposal for Nathalie Dureisseix (ND) from MFI to be Treasurer, therefore we will vote on Nathalie being the Treasurer of the Association
    • ALL- 5 in favour (unanimous) for Nathalie Dureisseix (ND) being appointed at the Treasurer.
    • JT - I propose that the Treasurer role should not be restricted to a specific term.
    • ALL - unanimously agreed (5).

    RE-OWIS The Board decided that the role of Treasurer should not be restricted to a particular term.

    Action - RGr to include this change as part of the discussion in changing the Articles of Association

    • RGr - Regarding the Vice President (VP) of the Association JT did brilliantly for 4 years and I thank him for the work. The VP cannot be renewed more than once according to the by-laws. Therefore, Jeremy cannot stand again, and we must appoint from existing Board members.
    • RGr - no direct answer from BoM re Weiqing. MFI has declined. KMA has confirmed that he does not want to be the VP. So, we do not have a VP.
    • JT - I propose we vote for Weiqing.
    • ALL - 4 in favour and 1 abstention.

    Action - RGr or JT to speak to Weiqing Action - RGr and ND to speak with Vincent Corbeel to prepare the annual accounts. Incl. resignation and appointment of MDs (i.e. Treasurer and VC)

  8. Reports and recommendations from the SC
    • JT - The recommendation is to add a new int rule regarding the Privacy policy and GDPR regulations (i.e. #459)
    • JT - Also we had an excellent discussion in the SC regarding the future direction of the Association.
    • RGr - lets vote
    • ALL - unanimously agreed (5).

    RESOLUTION The Board decided to accept the proposal from the Steering Committee regarding the Privacy Policy and GDPR regulation.

    8.1 Review governance and compliance status escalated by the SC. - None other than internal rules regarding GDPR.

    8.2 Approve initiation of Projects and amendments to Project Charters recommended by SC - There were no new Charters or amendments to existing Project Charters.

  9. Review and agree mitigation of OpenWIS Association risks, including those escalated by the SC
    • RGr - We agreed to postpone the review of risks to October 2019 SC meeting at the SC meeting on 22 May 2019, so is there a need to discuss risks?
    • JT - Some of the risks were reviewed as part of the item 5, above. A formal review will take place at the October SC 29 Oct 2019.
    • ALL - unanimously agreed (5).

    RESOLUTION The Board decided to conduct a formal review of risks and mitigations at the SC meeting on 29 October 2019 and subsequent Board meeting.

  10. Approve of changes to Internal Rules
    • RGr - earlier in the meeting discussed the additional of an Internal Rule regarding Privacy policy and GDPR. Are there any more?
    • JT - No.
  11. Annual accounts from 2018 (Treasurer)
    • LG presented the accounts prepared by ND.
    • LG - The accounts for 2018, i.e. income and expenditure balance is 7770 Euros and the balance sheet is 374284 euros.
    • RGr - votes on accepting the accounts.
    • ALL - unanimously agreed (5).

    RESOLUTION The Board approved of 2018 accounts.

  12. Review the budget set by the SC Chair.
    • LG - The budget discussed at the SC and the addition of the trademark fee of 3326 Euros was agreed, i.e. 113472 euros. I also propose 10,000 euros for the reserve.
    • All - no queries.
    • RGr - I propose we proceed to vote as part of the next agenda item.
  13. Approve the 2019: annual budget, budget amendments and extraordinary expenditure; and reserve fund (see Rule R10.7), set membership fees

    RESOLUTION The Board voted and unanimously approved Approval of 2019 budget of 113472 Euros.

  14. Any other business
    • JT - I was concerned that we were losing focus of the OpenWIS direction. However, following the discussion and agreement at the SC, I am very happy that we have a clear and agreed direction of the Association.
    • LG - We have to deal with a difficult software which is not interesting. Also, the user community not ready to accept software and WIS. However, the approach to WIS2 is broader and we would likely to see new type of users. So, it is more interesting and rewarding to develop software for this proposition. Very happy to the Dev Con and TC in September 2019.
    • RGr - Agree on what has been said. However, I would not put the expectation too high as there is a slowdown due to WMO restructure. We can push, as an Association and help to make WIS2 a reality but it will be a few years before WIS2 is a reality. - JT - I would add that messaging (AMQP) is a proactive step that we can make progress on ahead on WIS2. - RGr - At the Dev Con, would it make sense to invite Peter Silva to share technical views on AMQP on one of the days. - JT - from a Met Office perspective we need to understand who is best to come to the Dev Con. - RGr - any other AOB. - KMA- We have not contributed a lot of things to OpenWIS due to not having access to software developers. I have secured the budget to work with soft dev to start and continue development who we can take part in the Dev Con. - JT - Not heard from BoM and no other business. - RGr – happy to see that KMA has more resources and will be able to contribute and participate.
  15. Confirm the host of next meeting
    • RGr - We have provisional confirmation from BoM. I believe that 4 days would be enough time and we should get the dates firmed up as soon as possible.

Action RGr and JT to discuss hosting the annual meeting 2020 with WQ

  • KMA - will we need another Board meeting.
  • RGr - We would need a Board meeting to approve the changes to the articles of association recommended in October 2019 by the SC, which can a short WebEx session.
  1. Close