Gain answers to the following:

Can new message queue protocols such as AMQP, MQTT & STOMP address weather data dissemination issues?

In particular, is AMQP (Eurocontrol’s choice) the ideal candidate for other weather wata exchanges

  • would this be a long term solution?
  • how could Message Queue protocol coexist with existing FTP based WIS?

The buiness case is to offer the possibility for internet users to access WIS data cache using publish/subscribe mechanism


Proof of concept covering:

  • Pub/sub on 24h cache data, providing data through FTP, getting data through AMQP
  • Pub/sub on French global model (Arpege) , getting link through AMQP (large files demonstration):
    • with direct AMQP dissemination
    • with AMQP “availability” dissemination providing the customers information that data is ready for downloading (possibly using “metalink” files)
  • Pub/sub over an AMQP Cluster (Several nodes in a single location to provide High Availability & High throughput)
  • Pub/sub over an AMQP Federation (Different clusters separated by possibly lossy and high latency WAN links)


  • Security aspects (use of TLS, messages signatures, certificates)
  • Potential SLAs
  • Candidate architecture how AMQP could coexist with FTP/SFTP based data exchanges

Sponsor and funding source

This project will be exclusively funded by in kind contribution. No funding is required from the Association. The sponsor is Méteo France.

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Roles and Responsbilities

Resource Name Organization Role What this person will be do in relation to a milestone Time period needed for resource
David Podeur Météo France Project Manager Co-ordination and support acheiving deliverables August 2018 to June 2019
Steve Olson National Weather Service (NWS) TBD TBD TBD

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