20th and 27th March 2020, Teleconference

20 March 2020

  1. Welcome and introductions
    • Steve Olson (SO) (TC chair) welcomed all present.

    - The attendees were:

    • SO - Steve Olson, National Weather Service, USA [NWS], Chair
    • BS - Benjamin Saclier, Météo-France, France [MF], Vice-chair
    • WQ - Weiqing Qu, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia [BoM]
    • JA - Jude Anthonisz, OpenWIS Association Secretariat
    • JR - Jeyoung Ryu (KMA)

    - Not present:

    • DP - David Podeur, Météo-France, France [MF]
    • MV - Mikko Visa, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland [FMI]
    • MP - Mikko Partio, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland [FMI]
    • KL - Kwangjae Lee, Korea Meteorological Administration [KMA]
    • SS - Stephan Siemen, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather
      Forecasts [ECMWF]
  2. Discussion of Governance surrounding future OpenWIS builds
    • SO - gave an overview of the proposal and key points.
    • WQ - Is it clear which aspect of the code need updating and is this covered as part of the CICD work?
    • BS - We have a list of the areas that need updating and I get Zhang to present.
    • JA - Can we sign-off now as not much attendance at this meeting?
    • All - Agreed some amendments for the proposed governance arrangements
    • JA - We can suggest that this meeting was agreed in principle and give recommendations on 27 March 2020
    • All – Agreed the content and layout of the agenda.
  3. Discussion about timing and what to include in middleware upgrade now that we have a new 3.14.9 build with Java 8, Centos7, Wildfly 15, etc

    • WQ - All listed items seem to be that should be done.
    • SO – In term of the process, there needs to be an open process for the wider community.
    • BS – Re security service, the key one is to replace OpenAM and
      OpenDJ with an opensource identity server - Keycloak.
    • SO- does it work with Sonar Cloud?
    • BS - also works with auto registration. Everything is configurable.
    • SO - Postgres 10 vs 11? As we have been with version 9 for a while?.
    • SO - If CentOs7 adopted then Postgres 10 comes with it. Postgres
      11 requires a separate build.
    • BS - we don’t use much Postgress functionality, so shouldn’t be any difficulty.
    • SO - agreed but if you are managing a system, it is much easier to patch items that come natively.
    • BS - We should change the RFP to ask for CentOS 8.
    • WQ - we use Redhat.
    • SO/BS - CentOS is a branch of Redhat but free.
    • WQ - In process of moving to Redhat so CentOS is going to be in use for a while.
    • BS - We can ask the RFP to say able to run on CentOS 7 and 8.
    • BS- All OK with this?
    • All - Yes.
    • BS - time-scales?
    • WQ - RFP is as it with the amendments proposed.
      • BS -another TC is needed.
      • SO – the next session will be on 27 March 2020.

27 March 2020

  1. Discussion on new CI/CD environment for builds

    • SO gave an overview of the CI/CD work:
      • Quick brief out (tools: travis-ci, sonarcloud)
      • Videos for Day 1 and Day 2
      • Presentations used during training.  This was emailed to TC mailing list
      • Successfully built a 3.14.9 release with Java 8.  It’s available in github
      • Build Team established.  It’s not too late to join!
      • Discussion of Governance surrounding future OpenWIS builds
    • SO – presented the proposed governance arrangement.
    • ALL – agreed

  2. Discussion about timing and what to include in middleware upgrade now that we have a new 3.14.9 build  with Java 8, Centos7, Wildfly 15, etc (Timing for RFP)

    • It was agreed that the updated RFP document will be available by June or July 2020. 
    • The aim if to consider alternatives to openAM/OpenDJ. 
    • Both MF and NWS staff will team up to look at this alternative. 
    • The benefit to the Association is that, if this can be done within the partnership, it will greatly reduce the middleware refactor effort that would need to be done via a third party supplier.
    • Depending on the length of the procurement process for work that
      needs to done by a third party, all refactoring is forecast to be complete by December 2020.
    • At present, indicative budget of 50k Euros is envisaged for work to be done by a third party.  
  3. Close