29th - 21st May 2019, Washington, USA

  1. Welcome and introductions
    • Steve Olson (SO) (TC chair) welcomed all present.

    - The attendees were:

    • SO - Steve Olson, National Weather Service, USA [NWS], Chair
    • BS - Benjamin Saclier, Météo-France, France [MF], Vice-chair
    • RGr - Remy Giraud, Météo-France, France [MF]
    • DP - David Podeur, Météo-France, France [MF]
    • MV - Mikko Visa, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland [FMI]
    • MP - Mikko Partio, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland [FMI]
    • SD - Sungsoo Do, Korea Meteorological Administration, Republic of Korea [KMA]
    • KL - Kwangjae Lee, Korea Meteorological Administration [KMA]
    • LG - Loïc Le Gallou (LG), Météo France International [MFI]
    • KS - Kari Sheets, National Weather Service, USA [NWS]
    • SS - Stephan Siemen, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts [ECMWF]
    • JT - Jeremy Tandy, Met Office, UK [UKMO]
    • JA - Jude Anthonisz, OpenWIS Association Secretariat

    - Apologies: • WQ - Weiqing Qu, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia [BoM]

  2. Layout of agenda Items
    • All – agreed the content and layout of the agenda.
  3. Technical infrastructure: status and plan for future management and operation (including any costs and costs of improvements for SC approval)

    - 3.1 Definition of new CI requirements definition by mid-June 2019.

    • The following was agreed:
      • Estimates of effort 6 weeks for set up and 2 weeks for audit. Training to be included within the 6 weeks, potentially as a DEVCON activity. Who would want to be part of this activity? We would do remote web sessions that are recorded that are re-usable.
      • A face-to-face 3-day Developer Conference would take place, that focuses on the quality measures in early September with supplier (so travel cost for supplier). Topics – CI env and quality measure themes (#451).
      • The time and location of the of the Developer Conference to be included as part of contract.
      • The location will be Météo France, Toulouse, 23 to 25 September 2019.
      • Ask contractor whether they can recommend system environment, such as a cloud provider (not provision) based on snapshot of previous CI environment.
      • Share RFP by secure means (I.e. to protect commercial issues)

      ACTION – JA provide the costs from the work done by European Dynamics work as an indicator of cost

      ACTION – SO and BS Discuss other topics for Devcon

      ACTION - LL and SO to present options and costs at the Dev Con for approval by SC following TC endorsement

      • BS and DP – We need for an environment for development without a CI. Agreed that from considering whether to use a virtual environment or a cloud end, that its best to evaluate a third party could build an environment as OpenWIS 3x is in maintenance development.
      • All - agreed.

      ACTION - SS to incorporate into RFP or recommend a separate RFP

      RESOLUTION Recommend to the Steering Committee (SC) the proposal to use external resource resource to help set-up a CI CD environment with follow up audits each year for 2 years with the approach and time-scale for defining requirements by mid-June 2019 and using a Developer Conference on 23-25 September 2019.

    3.2 EOL and Dependencies.

    • Agreed to adopt the agreements and approach at the PMC on 20 May 2019- please see #538). The target start date for completion of end of September to benefit from the outcome of the CI development.
  4. WIS2 Security charter
    • Discussion on the status of this project, along with other was opened and it was concluded that the all discuss all Charters at SC.

    RESOLUTION The Technical Committee agreed to wait until the WMO reform per PMC discussion before any marketing is conducted.

    • In respect of the AMQP Project Charter, commissioning resource for implementation within MF and will provide outcome of report by end of calendar year.

    ACTION - RGr to provide an update report by December 2019

  5. Implications of issues arising from OpenWIS 3x: recommendation to SC

    RESOLUTION it was agreed to recommend the approach, agreed at the PMC on 20 May 2019, regarding Keep OpenWIS licence free as a proposal to the SC.

    • The following decisions arising from the PMC were agreed by the TC:

    RESOLUTION Ensure that the dependency list is updated regularly. RESOLUTION Adopt Wildfly 15, Sol7 and Postgres 11. RESOLUTION Only upgrade to the latest version if a security vulnerability exists and upgrade to the relevant version that resolves the security issue.

  6. mplications of issues arising from the PMC for WIS2 studies / projects: recommendation to SC
    • Agreed that the will SC clarify the procurement approach to TC for items above.
  7. Code of conduct and CLA compliance: status, review, and recommendations to SC
  8. Technical rules compliance: status, review, and recommendations to SC

    RESOLUTION Agreed to implement changes discussed at the PMC on 20 May 2019 by updating the Association website.

  9. Project design authority, standards compliance, and release management: status, review and recommendations to SC

    • Agreed that changes to web site for ‘Projects’ tab, quality measures were discussed at the PMC and are to be implemented, i.e.:
      • #449,
      • #450,
      • #451,and
      • #453
    • Agreed that the Release Management process as discussed at the PMC to be updated, i.e. #454
  10. Outstanding actions
    • JT - These were reviewed at the PMC yesterday. Quite a number will be closed.
    • JT - Are you getting active participation in the telco meetings. Steve and Benjamin?
    • SO - Could be better. Seen a decline in BoM’s participation.
    • MFI - depends on subjects and activities.
    • KMA - operational implementation and testing
    • FMI - Happy to participate in testing and implementation.
    • CS - Is it worth doing a Doodle poll to see the best time slots and schedule.
    • JT - is it the timing or is the subject matter.
    • JT - Are there other topics that would be interesting?
    • SO - The only thing we haven’t been able to do facilitate updates on technical standards, which may increase interest.
    • CS - May be worth recording a session which has enough of a quorum.
    • JA - 4 TC meetings in 15 months. More PMC sessions. What would be a good subject to discuss and gain knowledge rather than having TC meetings?
    • RGr - WIS2 on AMQP is good prospect as it has high future potential. So, a kind of PMC session focused on AMQP.
    • DP - Enable / encourage MSS teams to participate on AMQP testing as it would help them.
    • RGr - Aviation services are adopting AMQP, so awareness, knowledge and testing would help them.
    • MV – We can also participate in AMQP testing

RESOLUTION recommend to SC that WIS2 and technical updates to be part of TC meetings and encourage MSS team to attend TC meetings.


11. Any Other Business

11.1 AISBL - Website domain issues. Two options for resolution:

  • Sub domain, or
  • Re-direction from HTML page from current website to Github website using HTML (OpenWIS ranking will be low bit the website will be indexed).

RESOLUTION The Technical Committee agreed that re direction should start immediately and workout the proper solution in slower time.

11.2 Met Office GISC site has the word ‘beta’, this should be removed to reflect the operational status of the GISC. ACTION – JA to check with MSS team in UKMO

11.3 SO facilitated update of the matrix of OpenWIS implementation

  • SO - Should the TC share known vulnerabilities and issues to each organisation that has OpenWIS installed?
  • SS - This could be useful in ensuring the service is robust.
  • RGr - A operational GISC would have an interest, but would a DCPC be interested?

12. Close