12:00 UTC 11th January 2018 - Agenda

  1. CBS TECO Demo
    1. Updates/demo from Eurodyn on pilot progress and next steps.
    2. Questions to resolve:
      1. Should we set a deadline for development of Demo pieces and then focus on the messaging aspects going into CBS?
      2. Should we develop a poster and/or presentation video to accompany the demo? If so, we need to discuss what that consists of.
      3. Who do we envision going to demo?
  2. OpenWIS Roadmap
    1. One of the actions items from the Steering Committee is to report back on an OpenWIS roadmap by CBS TECO. Some of the important roadmap pieces to consider are:
      1. How long to support OpenWIS 3 and in what capacity?
      2. The evolution of PoC demo. What pieces we see remaining in tech design, and what gets thrown out
      3. Prioritization of first new OpenWIS modular build. What goes in the initial release? What goes in the second? And so on and so forth?
      4. What’s the schedule for these builds?
      5. What are the benefits of the new modular builds to end users? What are the benefits of the new modular builds to the operational centers running the software?
  3. Name for new OpenWIS
    1. What is the name for this new modular future OpenWIS build? Should we create a doodle poll once we have a number of potential names and let TC members decide?
  4. OpenWISv3
    1. Recent improvements to support Java 8, etc. (Marc/Zhang discussion, Eurodyn on inclusion into CI)
    2. Discussion on the prioritization of other OpenWIS 3 things to fix?
  5. Any other business