11th January 2019 - via WebEx teleconference

Attendance and proxies The attendees and proxies for this meeting via tele-conference were:

  • Jeremy Tandy (JT), Met Office (UKMO) - SC Chair
  • Rémy Giraud (RGr), Météo France (MF) - SC Vice-Chair
  • Stacey Harvey (SH), Met Office (UKMO) – OpenWIS Association Treasurer
  • Loïc Le Gallou (LG), of Météo France International (MFI)
  • Sungsoo Do (SD), Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)
  • Mikko Visa (MV), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
  • Kuldeep Srivastava (KS), India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • Dr. S.L. Singh (SS), India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • Benjamin Saclier (BS), Météo France (MF)
  • Kwangjae Lee (KL), Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)
  • Stephan Siemen (SS), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
  • Jude Anthonisz (JA), OpenWIS Association Secretariat

Not present:

  • Weiqing Qu (WQ), Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)
  • Kari Sheets (KS) of the National Weather Service (NWS)
  • Steve Olson (SO), National Weather Service (NWS)
  • Rémy Gibault (RGb), representing Météo-France International [MFI]

JT opened the meeting and noted that there were sufficient representatives for the meeting to be quorate.

1.Minutes and actions from the previous meeting

  • All attendees agreed that no changes or additions were needed to the minutes of the previous meeting.

2.Budget for 2019

  • SH presented the draft budget proposal for 2019.


  • SH - should the ECMWF membership fee be collected annually?
  • SH - Membership fees can be paid annually - 10,000 Euros or in a lump sum of 40,000 Euros for an Associate Member.
  • RGr - ECMWF fees are paid annually.
  • SH - Any new members to be invoiced?
  • JT - Not aware of any.
  • SH - will add and invoice for IMD fees as a Strategic Partner.
  • RGr- Yes we will need to invoice.

ACTION – Natalie to raise invoice 200,000 Euros to IMD


  • SH - 2018 costs are not finalised so a direct comparison is not possible.
  • For the budget of costs for 2019 the following was agreed to continue (values are in Euros): o Cloud Hosting Servers 500 o Hosting discourse forum 600 o Domain name 150 o Secretariat Function 11,500 o Dropbox for Business – (3 users) 400

Treasurer costs:

  • SH - is the Treasurer person change approved and will be costs be the same?
  • RGr - Seeking Board approval by email. WQ has approved and assume we proceed that Board approval will be given.
  • RGr - please note that the proposed cost of 8,000 is over-estimated, as the it is envisaged that 6 days effort will be required per year, which is equivalent to 3,000). Includes other expense, e.g. annual accounts preparation.
  • ALL - agreed to go with budget of 8,000.
  • LG - MFI will need an official document between OpenWIS Association and MFI for the Treasurer role.
  • RGr - Need Board approval before formal letter of appointment for the role of OpenWIS Association

Treasurer role.

  • LG - Board meeting?
  • RGr - No need for a Board Meeting. Can be approved virtually (i.e. via email)

ACTION – Need responses from remaining Board members (i.e. MFI, KMA, UK) via email]

  • SH - Handover has started with Natalie.

Bank account:

  • RGr - ING Bank account has closed and RGr has reimbursed ING bank 168 Euros regarding bank fees for 2018.
  • RGr – mentioned the proposal made to the Board to close the ING bank account and remain with the MFI bank account.
  • JT - Need to ensure that cost from ING is budgeted for.
  • JT - Change the bank fee budget for 2019 to 250
  • RGr – Back pay ING fees is 168.
  • All – agreed that the budget for bank fees should be 418 Euros 2019.

Project costs:

  • SH – can the 30,000 euro cost for Integration with commercial search engine can be carried over into 2019.
  • JT – move all project costs in 2019 as work will be done in 2019.
  • RGr – agreed.
  • ALL – agreed
  • SH – Is there a budget for all of remaining projects?
  • JT – We should budget for 4 projects.
  • All- agreed

2019 budget contingencies:

  • SH - I proposed that contingency remains at 10,000 euros for project related expenditure.
  • JT - Agreed.
  • RG - agreed.
  • ALL – agreed.
  • SH – there is also 2,000 Euro contingency that is to remain in 2019.


  • SH - No issue as not much activity. Therefore, keep at 10,000 Euros for 2019.
  • JT - Kuldeep we are talking about having the 200,000 euros for membership fees invoiced to IMD.
  • All - agreed reserve
  • JT - Any other points for the budget for 2019.
  • SH - No.
  • LG - Expecting contact with Nathalie during week starting 21 January 2019.
  • SH - I have limited availability but should be OK.
  • LG - Please copy me in
  • SH – No problem

ACTION - Meeting with SH and Nathalie Dureisseix and LG to meet ACTION SH to send availability]

  • JT – Can SC recommend the budget for 2019 to the Board?
  • All agreed

RESOLUTION – 2019 budget agreed at this meeting by the SC is to be recommended to the Board

ACTION – SH to send SC approved budget to Board for approval

3.OpenWIS bank account and Treasurer

  • RGr - Due to the difficulties experienced in setting up the ING Bank account and as the OpenWIS Association is VAT ex exempt, the Board has been recommended to continue to use MFI’s bank account for the OpenWIS Association.
  • RGr - We have, as already discussed, proposing to the use MFI for Treasury services.
  • All - the SC notes the recommendations that have been put to the Board.

4.Project Charters for WIS2:

  • JT gave a recap of the agreed project at the last annual meeting in Helsinki and asked the SC to note the development in WMO since Helsinki -
  • WIS2 implementation has matured significantly.
  • WMO has produced a paper for consultation before Congress in June 2019.
  • Permanent Representatives will receive the paper soon
  • I recommend that all of us read and respond via our respective International Relations team.
  • RGr - have the documents been sent?
  • JT – Need to check with David Thomas at WMO.

4.1 Revised Project Charter template

  • JA - gave an overview of the revised project charter template
  • JT - Any questions or clarifications?
  • JT - No responses, so this will work.
  • JT – We would need to see this template in Markdown, so that it be published on the OpenWIS Association web site, i.e. accessible from the website.
  • All - approved

RESOLUTION – The SC agreed the Project Charter template

ACTION – JA to publish the Project charter template in Markdown format and ensure the template is accessible from the OpenWIS Association website

  • JT - JA please update of status of the project charters agreed at Helsinki.
  • JA - Seen some progress on the AMQP work but no progress on others. I am aware that the Trust Model Charter and work is due to start now.

4.2 AMQP Project Charter

  • RGr gave the following update:
    o There are two aspects to AMQP which was discussed in China (TT-eWIS)
    o There are similarities with OpenWIS proposal and WIS2 framework.
    o There is potential interest for two groups, so contact to be made with DWD and Canada to join.
    o A meeting is scheduled on 15th January 2019 with Canada, DWD (Germany), and other interested parties of Russia and Brazil to discuss interest and make progress in a way that can remove duplication of effort.

  • JT - There is a Project Charter for this. We can seek to approve it.
  • JT - I propose we approve it.
  • BS - is AMQP the only protocol on offer?
  • RGr - we should focus on v1.0 in the first phase
  • BS - OK. China and MF has done some testing on this already. We sent them a document.
  • All – agreed to approve the Project Charter for AMQP.

RESOLUTION – THE SC approved the AMQP Project Charter

ACTION – JA to convert the AMQP Project Charter document to Markdown and publish in a tab under ‘projects’ on the OpenWIS Association web site.

4.3 INSPIRE Project Charter

  • MV - Awaiting information from the INSPIRE MIG Working Group, which should be available in mid-January 2019.
  • JT – All OK to approve the Charter?
  • ALL SC agreed

ACTION - MV to provide an updated Charter when additional information is available

4.4 Trust Model, Schema.org, and metadata formats Project Charters

  • JT – No progress on this this point.

5.Items from the Technical Committee

5.1 Project Charters for OpenWIS 3x

  • BS introduced and gave an overview of this proposal
  • JT – Any comments?
  • All – None.
  • SC – Approved this Charter

RESOLUTION – SC agreed the OpenWIS 3x Project Charter

ACTION – BS and JA to convert this Project Charter to Markdown format and publish on the OpenWIS web site.

5.2 Project Initiation process

  • BS introduced and gave an overview of this proposal
  • JT - What is meant by the ‘task force’?
  • BS - May need resources from the OpenWIS Association
  • JT - We have referred to this as the ‘project team’ before.
  • BS - OK to use this term.
  • JT - If looking for a term, could use ‘roles and responsibilities’
  • BS - Agree to that the correct term is ‘project team’.
  • JT - There is some overlap with the OpenWIS Association Rule Supplement for Project Governance, so there is a need to merge the new text by creating a new branch and submit for approval via a Pull Request in Github.
  • JT - Any other comments?
  • All - no.
  • JT - Who can submit an idea for a new project, anyone?
  • BS - Yes.
  • JT - Even if completely unknown to the OpenWIS Association?
  • BS - Yes.
  • JT - Currently only a member of the OpenWIS Association can do this, with the SC having the authority to approve or reject a proposed Project Charter.
  • BS - I envisaged it working this way.
  • JT - I am content. Is everyone else?
  • RGr – Yes.
  • ALL –agreed

RESOLUTION – The SC agreed amendment to the Project Governance rules supplement

ACTION – BS to merge the additional text with the existing Project Governance rules supplement using a new branch and submit via a Pull Request in Github for approval.

6.Managing the Compliance Risk88

Compliance risk**

The actions to manage this were reviewed:

  • Set up a register of obligations to the Belgian Authorities
    o RGr – updated that there is no progress at this point and further progress should be available by mid-2019.

  • Check for Trademark fees
    o MV - It appears that this is not due until 2020.
    o All agreed that this should be left until expired.
    o JA - Vincent Corbeel may be able to help
    o RGr - Need to check with Legal colleagues within MF.
    o JT - from the document, it looks like MF own the registration. Therefore, we have options of keeping registered with MF or let the trademark lapse and submit the trademark under name of the OpenWIS Association.
    o JT - It would be good for the OpenWIS Association to own its own trademark.
    o RGr -The Board would need to decide on the option.
    o JT - Yes, the Board will need ownership of this item, so it should be tagged as an item for the Board in Github (done during meeting).
    o RGr - There will be a need to put aside a budget for this.
    o JT – So, no further action from this meeting.

ACTION – RGr to consult Legal and other relevant colleagues within MF.

  • The action to move funds from the MFI bank account to the ING bank account was closed as the SC has agreed with the recommendation to the Board of keeping the OpenWIS Association bank account with MFI.

7.General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

7.1 GDPR Legal Advice and recommendation

  • JA presented the GDPR positon and suggested way forward following consultation with Legal colleagues in the Met Office.
  • JT - We need to be compliant within this legislation and task the Met Office Legal team.

ACTION - JA to update the SC when UK Met Office Legal colleagues have confirmed the estimated effort, time-scales and the input required from the OpenWIS Association.

  • JT - Any questions?
  • BS - Does GDPR present any service issues with OpenWIS software?
  • JT – This may be something that needs to be managed for OpenWIS 3x implementations.

ACTION - JA to establish from the MSS team as to whether the GISC implementation of OpenWIS 3x in the Met Office has had a GDPR assessment.

ACTION - BS to confirm the GDPR position for the OpenWIS 3x implementation in MF.

  • JT - Any further questions?
  • All – no.

7.2 Placement of VAT and other documentation in DropBox for Business (https://github.com/OpenWIS/openwis-documentation/issues/424)

  • JA - this dependant on the outcomes of GDPR work mentioned.
  • RGr - DropBox is wider than documents for VAT.
  • JT - This work on DropBox should wait until further progress is made on the GDPR work.
  • All – agreed.

8.Any other business

8.1 Duplicate OpenWIS Association web site information

  • JT - please be aware that duplicate information exists and we will need to do some work to direct people to the correct and up to date information.
  • RGr - Eventually MFI would do an http re-direct. However, this can be done now.
  • JT - If done now, the forum will not be accessible.
  • RGr - There is nothing on the forum now, so not an issue.
  • JT - Therefore, I recommend that a re-direct be done now by MFI.
  • RGr - This is quick for MFI to do a re-direct.
  • JT - Github can do a merge, too.
  • RGr - Yes, but it is a quick-win if MFI do an http re-direct.
  • JT - Any objections to an http re-direct?
  • LG - Is anyone using the CMS content?
  • JT - CMS is 2-3 years out of date.
  • JT - Github requires all static content to be on the website.
  • All – agreed with the http re-direct to be done as soon as possible.

RESOLUTION – the SC agreed to use the http re-direct now as a quick-win to ensure only update and non-duplicated data of the OpenWIS Association is accessible from the internet.

ACTION – BS to work with RGb to make the necessary changes.

9.Open actions assigned to SC, next SC meeting and Annual meeting

  • It was agreed that these items are to be discussed via email