18th August 2018 - via WebEx teleconference

Attendance and proxies The attendees and proxies for this meeting via tele-conference were:

  • Jeremy Tandy (JT), Met Office (UKMO) - SC Chair
  • Rémy Giraud (RGr), Météo France (MF) - SC Vice-Chair
  • Stacey Harvey (SH), Met Office (UKMO) – OpenWIS Association Treasurer
  • Rémy Gibault (RGb), representing Météo-France International [MFI] with authority from Loïc Le
    Gallou(LG) of Météo France International (MFI)
  • Weiqing Qu (WQ), Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)
  • Sungsoo Do (SD), Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)
  • Steve Olson (SO) representing National Weather Service (NWS) with authority from Kari Sheets (KS)
    of the National Weather Service (NWS)
  • Mikko Visa (MV), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
  • Kuldeep Srivastava (KS) India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • Dr. S.L. Singh (SS) India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • Jude Anthonisz (JA), OpenWIS Association Secretariat

1.Minutes and actions from the previous meeting

  • All attendees agreed that no changes or additions were needed to the minutes of the previous meeting.

2.Introduction from IMD – new strategic partner

  • JT handed the floor to RGr to introduce IMD.
  • RGr – I am glad that we have a new member and glad to be working on exciting proposals that will help the OpenWIS Association grow.
  • IMD representatives were unable to respond due to problems they were experiencing with their WebEx connection.

3.Outstanding and due actions:

From last Board

l. Latest correspondence from potential new partners to be send to new President

  • RGr – No correspondence from potential new partners. However, we do have a new strategic partner – IMD. China – will try to meet at TT EWIS.
    DWD and Canada – Waiting for Project Charter for AMQP to be approved to contact DWD and China as they are have an interest in AMQP; this may be a reason for them to be part of this consortium.

m. BM-2018-4 Check amount of invoice due to ECMWF

  • It was agreed that 10k Euros is the correct amount to be invoiced to ECMWF as ECMWF actually joined in 2018. Therefore, the action is complete.

n. BM-2018-3 Establish Belgian Authority requirements for change of President Board Meeting

  • This is complete. The work was carried out via Vincent Corbeel. The costs are 1000 euros.

o. BM-2018-2 New president to introduce himself to IMD

  • This is complete as IMD are now a new strategic partner.

p. BM-2018-1 Establish IMD situation

  • This is complete as IMD are now a new strategic partner.

q. RISK-000002 Compliance failures - carry out agreed mitigation

  • The action for this is in progress. Please see response to item 3b, above.

4.Project Charters for WIS2:

a. Action-SC-2018-35 create project charter for future of metadata formatsMetadata formats

  • JT – The work is intended to commence in January 2019. Therefore, the Charter should be postponed until near that time.
  • All agreed to this approach.

b. Action-SC-2018-31 - create project charter for schema.org studySchema.org

  • JT gave an overview of the proposal as set out in GitHub.
  • JT - Is there any suggestions or feedback on the proposal?
  • SO - Need a consistent approach to the content of the Project Charter – a template.
  • JT - JA to create a template to enable consistency.
  • RGr - need to clarify time-scales of tender, what is to be delivered and budget required.
  • JT – Will update proposal. Funding will be from OpenWIS Association. The UK Met Office will lead this activity, member are invited to review documents.
  • JT - Please add any comments to the issue in GitHub. ACTION SC-2018-36 Develop template for Project Charters

c. Action-SC-2018-32 create project charter for AMQP

  • RGr gave an overview of the proposal.
  • JT - this is consistent with the discussions in Helsinki.
  • RGr – David Podeur has already started working on this. Is there is another partner interested being the ‘client’ to receive data?
  • SO – There are some touchpoints with the Trust Model, so we are happy to link up.
  • RGr- Who is contact person, please?
  • SO – I will put you in touch with the contact point. ACTION SC-2018-37 Provide NWS contact regarding the AMQP work

  • JT – As a point of process, are we all happy with this approach?
  • All – yes.
  • JT – With all Project Charters, we seek approval by SC. Therefore, if there are no concerns this is the recommendation to the Board.
  • SH – We need to confirm the funding source, i.e. whether from the OpenWIS Association or in-kind contributions.
  • JT - Yes
  • RGr - JA to work on this as part of the Project Charter template.
  • JT - We also need to agree the sponsors. Therefore, to clarify for Scheme.org, the UK Met Office is the sponsor. Is there anyone else interested? ACTION SC-2018-38 Ensure that the Project Charter Template indicates the source of funding

  • RGr - MF need to check.
  • JT - By default, expecting review and feedback. ACTION SC-2018-39 Feedback on all Project Charters within two weeks

d. Action-SC-2018-33 create project charter for trust modelTrust Model

e. Action-SC-2018-30 create project charter re INSPIRE and OGC

5.OpenWIS 3.x - Governance for maintaining operational software until 2024

  • JA gave an overview of the proposal and the need to decide what type of governance is needed for OpenWIS 3x as there is no active development going forward, only maintenance and fixing of bugs. There are three options – manage as a development project; manage with minimal governance, or manage work informally as fixes and patching is needed. The recommendation is to discuss the best option at the next TC. ACTION SC-2018-42 Ensure the OpenWIS 3x governance is on the agenda of the next TC

6.OpenWIS Association bank account

7.Use of DropBox for storing CLAs and VAT documents Action-SC-2018-18 place VAT documents in DropBox for Business Action-TC-2018-20 check CLA process with paul rogers

  • JA stated that the original reason for requesting DropBox was for storing completed CLA forms.
    However, a process for this already exists which uses GitHub. There is wider issue to understand how the OpenWIS Association needs to manage personal information for GDPR, commercial confidentiality and other legal requirements. The UK Met Office is looking into this and it would be good to review the need for using Dropbox once this legal assessment is available. It is expected in early September 2018.

  • JT - It is possible to secure repositories in GitHub and it is good to store all information in one place. So, depending on the outcome of the legal advice GitHub may be suitable

  • All agreed with the approach to get legal advice first.

8.Next annual meeting Action-SC-2018-15 next annual meeting**

9.Risks Action-SC-2018-8 update the risk log
Risk log is here - (https://github.com/OpenWIS/openwis-documentation/projects/4)

  • JT – The risks have been updated. Please take a look a feedback
  • All – no comments

10.AOB - SH – I am expecting a baby in February 2019. Therefore, unable to carry on being the Treasurer of the OpenWIS Association. I am looking at options within my Department but it is unlikely to be result in finding a replacement for me. Therefore, there is a need to explore whether a Treasurer can be found from one of the partners. - SH – This could be MFI, which could make managing the bank account easier - RGb – I will check within MFI and respond by early September 2018. ACTION SC-2018-46 Confirm whether MFI can provide a Treasurer

11.Next SC meeting Action-SC-2018-13 schedule SC meetings quarterly - It was agreed that the next SC should be in October 2018.