9th October 2017

(The responsibilities of the Steering Committee [SC] are described in Article 13)

  1. Welcome, introductions and approval of agenda
    • SC Chair
  2. Approve previous SC meeting minutes
  3. Clarification of organisational roles within OpenWIS Association
  4. OpenWIS Technical Workplan
    • TC Chair
    • OpenWIS-Core
      • Version 3 in maintenance mode
    • WIS 2.0 pilot projects
  5. Review new Project Charters
    • SmartMet (Mikko Visa)
      • See Action-SC-2017-15 smartmet project proposal “Work with the TC to determine how the smartmet project might operate within the Association in practical terms (eg: where should repos be, how would PMC work etc). Draft a Project Charter and report back to SC in June.”
    • WIS 2.0 (Kari Sheets)
      • See Action-SC-2017-16 Project Charter for WIS 2.0
      • Discussion: does the proposal for OpenWIS Core 5.0 (re OpenWIS Core work plan) subsume the WIS2.0 Project Charter? Can we retrofit a Charter to the existing OpenWIS Core project, e.g. to help formally clarify the split in responsibilities for PMC and TC?
      • Discussion: designation of OpenWIS Core 5.0 / WIS 2.0 as a WMO/CBS Affiliated Project
    • Weather API / OpenWeather (Jeremy Tandy)
  6. Uodate on new Partners
  7. Any Other Business
  8. Next meeting
    • SC Chair
    • Propose next SC teleconference in December 2017
  9. Summary of recommendations to the Board
    • SC Chair
  10. Closure of the meeting
    • SC Chair