29th June 2017

(The responsibilities of the Steering Committee [SC] are described in Article 13)

  1. Welcome and introductions
    • SC Chair
  2. Approve previous SC meeting minutes
  3. Identification of priority topics for OpenWIS Steering Committee 2017 June
  4. Next meeting
    • SC Chair
    • Propose next SC teleconference in September 2017 (following northern hemisphere summer break) to resolve deferred topics
  5. Approval of agenda
  6. Review open actions and issues
  7. OpenWIS Core work plan
  8. Review rule clarification on how Association’s funds may be spent
  9. Review new Project Charters
    • SmartMet (Mikko Visa)
      • See Action-SC-2017-15 smartmet project proposal “Work with the TC to determine how the smartmet project might operate within the Association in practical terms (eg: where should repos be, how would PMC work etc). Draft a Project Charter and report back to SC in June.”
    • WIS 2.0 (Kari Sheets)
      • See Action-SC-2017-16 Project Charter for WIS 2.0
      • Discussion: does the proposal for OpenWIS Core 5.0 (re OpenWIS Core work plan) subsume the WIS2.0 Project Charter? Can we retrofit a Charter to the existing OpenWIS Core project, e.g. to help formally clarify the split in responsibilities for PMC and TC?
      • Discussion: designation of OpenWIS Core 5.0 / WIS 2.0 as a WMO/CBS Affiliated Project
    • Weather API (Jeremy Tandy)
  10. Clarify intent for revision of Technical Committee, Steering Committee and Board roles
  11. Review funding calls pertinent for OpenWIS Association; e.g. to support evolution of WIS
  12. Recommendations to the Board regarding admission of new Members or Partners
  13. Any other business
  14. Summary of recommendations to the Board
    • SC Chair
  15. Closure of the meeting
    • SC Chair