Article 18.1

The Organization is established for indefinite duration.

Article 18.2

The dissolution of a legal person that is a Member of the Organization shall not lead to the dissolution of the Organization, unless otherwise decided by the Board with unanimity of votes cast of all other Members.

Article 18.3

The Board may decide to dissolve and liquidate the Organization with unanimity of votes cast of all Members. In such a case, the Board Meeting shall decide on the appropriate arrangements in accordance with applicable law. After the decision to dissolve the Organization, the Organization should indicate on all documents prepared and sent by it that it is “in liquidation”.

Article 18.4

The Board shall appoint liquidators, establish their powers and decide how to allocate the liquidation surplus, which shall be transferred to another association having a purpose that corresponds to the aims of the Organization or, in the absence thereof, to another non-profit purpose.

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