Article 11.1

The responsible bodies of the Organization shall be the Board of Directors (“Board”) and the Managing Directors of the Organization (“Managing Directors”).

Article 11.2

In compliance with the Act, the Board act as the General Governing Body of the Organization.

Article 11.3

In compliance with the Act, the day-to-day activities of the Organization shall be managed by the Managing Directors. The Managing Directors shall be fully empowered to govern and manage the Organization, save for those powers reserved for the Board.

Article 11.4

The Organization shall establish a Steering Committee and a Technical Committee.

Article 11.5

The Organization shall also establish a Project Management Committee for each Project endorsed by the Organisation.

Article 11.6

The Steering Committee shall support the work of the Board on strategic matters.

Article 11.7

The Technical Committee shall advise the Steering Committee and the Board on technical matters.

Article 11.8

A Project Management Committee (PMC) shall coordinate the technical work related to the project with the support of the Technical Committee and shall report to the Steering Committee. The responsibilities of the PMC are described in the Internal Rules.

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