This site is generated by Jekyll. Most of the content is written using Markdown and then transformed by Jekyll using Liquid and supporting HTML and CSS (or SASS) templates. Color choices are often made with the help of 147 Colors.


The MS Edge browser won't show the favicon on the tab (when running from the local web-server) - SO has no solution. Chrome only shows it when the SO solution :/favicon.ico?r=31241 is applied. This appears to be an aggressive-caching problem that shouldn't affect the site when run from a remote webserver.

The Markdown input files are just plain text files with the .md extension. But there are issues with text files that have been converted from other Windows formats such as .docx.

The Jekyll site warns about Byte Order Markers in files created on Windows (they crash the Jekyll build) and I have had to remove these occassionally with a Hex editor. Any accented/special chars in the Markdown (eg: the 'é's in Météo) also crash the build:

Error: could not read file C:/Users/Paul/Documents/GitHub/openwis-documentation/_posts/ invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
Liquid Exception: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 in C:/Users/Paul/Documents/GitHub/openwis-documentation/_posts/
jekyll 3.1.6 | Error: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

I am avoiding the problem at the moment by using only ANSI chars and editing-out or substituting as follows:

Find Replace Entity Hex HTML Charset Notes
" “ 201C HTML Symbols - General Punctuation Replace left-double-quote (smart quotes or curly quotes) with quote
" ” 201D HTML Symbols - General Punctuation Replace right-double-quote (smart quotes or curly quotes) with quote
' ‘ 2018 HTML Symbols - General Punctuation Replace left-single-quote (smart quotes or curly quotes) with apostrophe
' ’ 2019 HTML Symbols - General Punctuation Replace right-single-quote (smart quotes or curly quotes) with apostrophe
é e é 00E9 LATIN SUPPLEMENT Replace e-acute with e
ï i ï 00EF LATIN SUPPLEMENT Replace i-umlaut with i
© Copyright: © 00A9 LATIN SUPPLEMENT Replace copyright symbol with the word Copyright:
® ® 00AE LATIN SUPPLEMENT Replace registration symbol with blank
£ GBP £ 00A3 LATIN SUPPLEMENT Replace pound symbol with GBP
EUR € 20AC HTML Symbols - Currency Symbols Replace euro symbol with EUR
$ USD/AUD 0024 LATIN BASIC Replace dollar symbol with USD or AUD to be consistent with other currency labels and to be specific about which dollar
BOM FFFE Using a Hex Editor, check if the first two chars of the file are a Byte Order Marker: FF FE; delete them if they are

Of course, other chars may appear in the future!

There is a conversation taking place within the Jekyll community about Internationalisation (i18n) that perhaps will provide a better solution, but I haven't found it yet (queue Michael Buble, sans accent!). Most of the i18n involves plugins, which won't work for gh-pages, because Jekyll runs there in '--safe' mode with plugins disabled.